Tips for Earning Income as a Student


Earning an income while studying can mean you’re able to maintain the lifestyle you want and keep your student loan debt low. However, if you take a job that requires too much of your time, your grades may suffer or you may lack time for a social life. With the following ideas, you can gain the income you want while having free time to spare.

1. Offer Tutoring Services

Tutors are always in demand at universities, since many students can benefit from some extra help in certain subjects. If you’ve done exceptionally well in any of your past classes, it should be easy to convince students who are now taking those classes that hiring you will be worthwhile.

2. Assist a Professor

If you’ve developed a great relationship with any of your professors, reach out and ask them if they need any support. There may be an opportunity for you to become a research assistant, which will be valuable to have on your resume if you want to go to grad school or enter a career in research. Alternatively, you could become a teacher’s assistant, which involves grading assignments and helping with admin tasks as well as some research.

3. Provide IT Support

Students and staff alike run into computer problems all the time. Specify the hours when you’re available and allow anyone to call you. If you develop a good track record of being able to resolve IT issues, you’ll find that people will reach out to you frequently.

4. Answer Surveys

Filling out surveys and taking part in market research studies allows you to earn an income from the comfort of your own room. Sign up through survey websites and take part in studies whenever you have free time. You’ll find that some surveys offer gift cards rather than cash, but if these cards are for stores you buy from anyway, it’s almost like earning income.

5. Using Your Typing Skills

Put your typing skills to good use by searching for transcriptionist or data entry jobs on freelance sites. As you’ll be able to choose how many jobs you take, you never need to feel like work is taking up too much of your time.

6. Edit Student Resumes

Business majors know exactly what makes a resume stand out. Use your knowledge to help students who are graduating create resumes that will impress potential employers.

7. Sell Academic Materials

When you’ve finished a class, instead of throwing all your materials out, sell them to students who are just about to take the class. As well as textbooks, you may be able to sell your study notes and guides — provided they’re detailed and easy to follow. Bear in mind that you may have more success selling online than just trying to find buyers among students at your university.

8. House, Baby, or Pet Sit

Use your free evenings and weekends to care for someone’s house, kids, or pets. Find opportunities online or use your contacts in the area. Housesitting is ideal if you want to make an easy income with minimal responsibilities. Babysitting can be low effort, too, such as if you take jobs late in the evening. If you love animals, you may find taking care of a pet relaxing — there could even be the chance to gain a regular job walking a local dog.

9. Deliver Food

All you need is a vehicle (or perhaps even just a bike) and you can sign up with a food delivery service. The great thing about this job is you often make extra money from tips.

10. Sell Your Clothes

Instead of keeping your closet full of clothing you’ll never wear again, list items online. Ever more people are interested in purchasing quality second-hand clothing, both because of the chance to save money and because it’s better for the environment.

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