The Perfect Winter Fitness Routine for Student Apartments


The new year is all about creating a new you. One thing almost everyone wants to work on is fitness. With these high-intensity workouts, you can fit an effective training session into your day without even leaving your apartment. Plus, none of them require any equipment.

1. Core

Training your core isn’t just important for gaining ripped abs — your core is responsible for maintaining your posture and keeping your spine safe from excessive load. With a strong core, you’ll reduce back pain, become more flexible, and improve your balance. You can work your core in 20 minutes with this routine.

Start with some plank exercises. Try to hold a regular plank for 90 seconds before switching to the right side for 45 seconds and then to the left side for another 45 seconds. Finish with one minute of a straight arm plank.

Next, move on to the cardio portion of your workout. Do 20 tuck jumps followed by 40 jumping lunges.

Return to the floor for a V-sit. Try to hold the position for 40 seconds, rest for 20 seconds, and then hold it for another 40 seconds. You may need to bend your knees when you first try this exercise, but you should be able to straighten your legs as your core becomes stronger.

End the workout with leg lifts. Do 20 on the right side, do 20 on the left, and then repeat.

2. Cardio

This cardio workout is the shortest routine because it’s the most intense. Although it takes just 15 minutes, you’ll definitely know you’ve worked hard once you’ve finished.

The workout consists of four moves, each lasting one minute: high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, and standing mountain climbers. After you’ve completed all four, take a one-minute rest. If you’re able, repeat the sequence two more times.

3. Strength Training

You don’t need any weights to do strength training — you can just use your body weight. This is important for building up your muscles, protecting you from injuries, and strengthening your bones.

Start the session with the four-minute plank exercise from the core workout. Follow this with 20 squats, 15 pushups (you can go from your knees, if you need to), and a one-minute wall sit. Finish with the same 20 leg lifts as the core workout — again, twice on each side.

4. Cardio and Strength Training Combined

For the ultimate workout, combine cardio and strength into one. This involves doing two circuits.

The first circuit consists of butt kicks, burpees, jump squats, mountain climbers, and standing bicycle crunches. Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Once you’ve finished, repeat the circuit.

For the second circuit, do 40 seconds of mountain climbers followed by a 20-second plank and then take a one-minute rest. Next, do lateral plank walks for 40 seconds and hold another 20-second plank. Rest for one minute before repeating the circuit.

Being able to exercise in your bedroom is great if the alternative is venturing out into the cold to walk to a gym several blocks away. However, an even better option is to have a gym in your building. Parkway Lofts has a range of great amenities — in addition to a fitness center, our Niagara College student housing has study rooms, a common area lounge, and a commercial-style kitchen. Book a tour to check out our luxury student apartments for yourself.

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