Should You Take Night Classes?


While night classes are most popular with students who also have a full-time job, they’re actually open to everyone. Whether there’s a class you’d like to take that’s happening at night, you’re considering taking night classes just for the experience, or you’d like to free up some time during the day, it’s important to know the pros and cons before coming to a decision.

Pro: Hear Different Perspectives

Since it’s mainly mature students who take night classes, you’ll hear completely different viewpoints. This can lead to engaging discussions in the classroom and can enrich group projects. Since some students may already have jobs in a related field, you’ll also gain insights into what it’s like to work in particular industries.

Con: A Restricted Social Life

Mature students and others working full time will often be less available to socialize. Plus, your classes may take place at the same time as other activities on campus, meaning you could miss out on some other opportunities.

Pro: Free Up Your Schedule

When taking classes at night, it’s up to you how to use your time during the day. It can be particularly useful to study: doing homework right before a night class can be helpful for remembering more details, meaning you’ll be able to participate more in class. It can also be useful for reminding you that you need to ask the professor any questions you may have. Alternatively, night classes could increase your availability for shifts, which will mean you’re able to work more hours and increase your income.

Con: Reduced Access to Campus Services

Services like the financial aid office, careers services, writing centre, and perhaps even dining and the campus library may only be open during the day. If you’re taking night classes to be able to work, you may need to request time off to access these services.

Pro: Expand Your Network

You’re likely to meet students at night classes whom you would otherwise never have met. This is great for developing a network of people who could be useful contacts after you graduate. In addition, you’ll often find that adjunct professors are teaching night classes. They often come from more diverse backgrounds than tenured professors and may have more real-world experience.

Con: Long Hours

Combining night classes with morning and afternoon classes can lead to long days. You’ll need to be disciplined enough to ensure you use your time between classes productively and avoid distractions like social media. If you want to take just night classes for the chance to work during the day, you may find that you become exhausted, which will make it more difficult to concentrate in class.

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