Is Studying Abroad Right for You?


Even though you put in the effort to find the perfect college to attend, you may be itching to spend some time elsewhere. In addition to traveling over your breaks, you may like to consider spending an entire semester abroad. To decide if this is the right option for you, there are a few things you need to consider about studying abroad.

1. Are There Suitable Programs?

If you want to study something quite specific, it’s important to find out whether there are programs available and if they look interesting. In addition to reading the program descriptions, research the school itself to find out about its reputation, the quality of the teaching, the additional services on offer, and accommodation available to international students. Do this by reading reviews and reaching out to other students who have studied there, including exchange students.

2. Can You Study in a Country That Interests You?

Once you’ve researched some potential programs, it’s important to consider whether you’d be interested in living in the countries where they’re based. Spend time researching what it would be like — everything from the weather and food to the values of the people who live there. You should also consider what individual cities are like. Are there interesting places to visit during your free time?

3. Will Studying Abroad Help You Meet Your Goals?

There should be a specific reason why you want to study abroad. For instance, you may want to experience a new culture or teaching style, meet new people, practice your language skills, learn more about yourself, or gain valuable experience that is only possible abroad. Think about your motivations for seeking a program abroad and assess whether these bring you closer to meeting your larger goals.

4. Can You Afford to Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is often expensive, particularly as it may not be possible to work while you’re in another country under a student visa. Make sure you consider the cost of your flight, accommodation, and living expenses. If you’re unable to afford the program right now, consider whether it would be possible to go later during your time at college when you’ve had the chance to save up more money. Alternatively, a destination other than your top choice may be more affordable.

5. Do You Have Commitments Keeping You at Home?

Many students would love to study abroad but are unable to drop the commitments they have for an entire semester. Think about whether there are compromises you can make, such as staying in touch with people back home virtually, taking a break from your extracurriculars, or even quitting your part-time job. This may be worthwhile for the unique experience you’ll gain from studying abroad.

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