How to Decide Between Two Career Paths


A difficult thing for many university students is figuring out what career path to pursue after graduation. It’s common to have a couple careers in mind and to be uncertain about which to choose. For instance, one may be a relatively safe choice, whereas the other may be a better fit for your passions. Alternatively, it may be that two careers sound appealing and you’re finding it hard to decide which you like more. Luckily, there are several possible solutions to your dilemma.

1. Take a Career Aptitude Test

It may be helpful to find out what kind of work best suits your personality by taking a career aptitude test. The useful thing about career aptitude tests is they often reveal options you were unaware existed. As well as looking for free tests online, ask your campus career services if your university offers any.

2. Try Out Your Options Through Internships

You can gain a sense of what it would be like to work in both your potential careers by taking internships while you’re still a student. Taking at least one internship should be something you’re considering anyway because it will provide you with valuable experience to include on your resume and help you gain contacts in the industry. In fact, an internship may be a graduation requirement.

For certain types of careers, an internship may not be feasible. An alternative is to contact companies about job shadowing. Bear in mind, some companies don’t advertise formal internship programs but may be willing to set something up for you if they see that you’re enthusiastic.

3. Opt for a Main Career and a Side Hustle

If one of your career options is riskier than the other, a possibility could be to turn this career into a side hustle. You can then use the other career to pay your bills. If you’re successful enough with your side hustle, it could even become your main career in the future. If not, you’ll at least know you tried and have no regrets.

4. Declare a Double Major or a Minor

If you’re worried about committing to a particular career before you’ve had a proper chance to explore all your options, consider a double major. Again, this could be ideal if you’re concerned about your job prospects with a particular career, but it is also a good option if you need more time to figure out what you’ll enjoy more. If your majors are complementary in some way, you could even find a career that combines the two.

The disadvantage of a double major is the heavy course load, especially if you decide on this path late during your time at university. An alternative solution is to pick a minor instead. Although it will hold less weight than a major, it will be great for showing you have broad interests and skills. Plus, it could make you a more favourable candidate than someone who has a single major and no minor.

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