A Roundup of the Best TikTok Career Tips


The great thing about TikTok is it gives regular people a platform to share tips based on their own experiences. For instance, many of the users have been in the same situation you’re in now: nearing the end of your time at university and starting to think about your career. These users have some invaluable advice for landing a top summer internship and finding entry-level roles after graduation. A few career tips stand out as the best.

1. Build a Personal Brand

Until recently, people tended to think branding only applied to companies, but Gen Zers are embracing personal branding to stand out from other candidates. Personal branding shows employers who you are and your values to help them see that you’re a good fit for the company culture.

There are various ways to build your personal brand, beginning before you’ve even made contact with employers through developing your online presence. In addition to creating the image you want for yourself on your LinkedIn profile, check what comes up when someone searches for you. Make sure it’s what you want people to see by adding and deleting posts on other social media platforms, building a personal website, or setting up an online portfolio.

Continue your personal branding on your resume, in your cover letters, and in interviews. Make sure you highlight the skills and experience you want employers to know about and talk about how working at the company will help you meet your goals.

2. Never Stop Networking

Start networking before you’re actively looking for jobs and don’t stop even while you’re interviewing for positions. You have plenty of opportunities to network while you’re at university, including through in-person events like job fairs, by developing connections with faculty members, and by reaching out to people online, such as professionals in the field you want to enter.

3. Gain Experience

Employers definitely want candidates who have the right credentials and gained good grades at university, but that alone isn’t enough — they also want someone with relevant experience. Search for opportunities to gain experience while you’re still at university, such as through internships, volunteering, or holding an elected position in a campus organization.

4. Send Your Interviewers Thank-You Notes

After an interview, reach out to express your gratitude. Mention what you learned from the interview, summarize why you’re the right candidate, and make it clear you’re still interested in the role. This will increase the favourable impression the interviewer has of you. Send the message as an email or as a handwritten note — whatever is more appropriate for the type of company.

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