A Guide to Making New Friends at University


Although everyone is eager to make friends when they start university, it becomes more difficult to connect with new people as time goes on. However, it’s still possible to make new friends at any point during your time at university — all you need to do is keep some basic tips in mind.

1. Be Authentic

Making friends is not a numbers game — there’s no point investing your time in someone with whom you have nothing in common. By being genuine, you’ll find friends with similar interests and ensure your personalities click. This is a key way to build friendships that last.

2. Meet Others Living in the Same Student Housing

Look beyond your classes when searching for opportunities to make friends. It’s particularly convenient to hang out with people who live in the same building as you, especially if there are facilities on site like a lounge or fitness centre. The students living in the same place as you may be taking a completely different major or they may even attend another university. This will mean you’re exposed to new perspectives and ideas.

3. Join Plenty of Clubs

Another way to expand your friend circle is to join clubs and organizations. Attend meetings for anything you find intriguing and explore new passions. It will be easy to make friends when you can bond over a hobby.

4. Let Your Uniqueness Shine

Don’t be afraid to show the unique side of your personality. If you have an uncommon hobby or character quirk that your current friends love, embrace it. When you’re memorable, the people you meet will seek you out.

5. Ask Questions

Of course, it’s also important to avoid making everything about you. Take a genuine interest in the people you meet and ask plenty of questions. If you find that the standard small talk starts to become boring, ask more original questions — without being intrusive, of course. For instance, you could try to find out what you have in common with people. You’ll immediately have something to talk about, as well as a reason to meet up again later.

6. Expect to Like People

Reserve any judgement until you actually know someone. When you meet new people, always begin with the expectation that you will like them. By keeping an open mind, you’ll likely find that you connect with people who would never otherwise have become your friends. Plus, you’ll gain a reputation for being a nice person yourself, which will mean people are more willing to approach you.

7. Broaden Your Knowledge

Learn about things that interest other students. For example, stay up to date with pop culture references, what’s happening in the news, and sports. Whereas no one likes a know-it-all, having a basic knowledge of a variety of topics will allow you to have conversations about anything with anyone.

8. Invite People to Routine Activities

Think about all the things you do everyday anyway and consider if you could invite new friends along. Perhaps you could find some gym buddies or have a jam session with fellow musicians.

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