9 Tips for Packing for a Student Apartment


Preparing to go to college requires a great deal of planning. One of the biggest tasks is figuring out what to pack. Make sure you’ll be comfortable and won’t forget anything important by following these tips.

1. Make a List

Before you start packing, make a list of what you’ll actually need. If you bring everything from your room at home, you’ll find you have many items you don’t need for college cluttering up your apartment. Worse still, you’ll likely neglect many essentials you didn’t need to own before now.

2. Pack All Your Toiletries

You may think it would be a good idea to purchase toiletries when you arrive at your college town to save space in your car. The problem with this tactic is many other students will have the same idea, meaning the local grocery store could run out. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll find your favourite brands. It’s best not to run any risks — instead, bring along large bottles of all the products you need.

3. Coordinate with Your Roommates

Reach out to your future roommates to find out what everyone’s bringing to the apartment. This will avoid you doubling up on essential items you can all share.

4. Find Out What Items Are Prohibited

Your lease should state what items you’re not allowed to bring to your student housing. If you’ll be living in an apartment, this list will likely contain just a few things. However, you can expect a long list if you’re moving into student residence.

5. Bring Clothing on Hangers

Since you need hangers anyway, it makes sense to pull your clothing straight from your closet still on the hangers. You can then store everything in a large garbage bag. This will also make it easy to unpack when you arrive.

6. Leave Behind Clothing You Won’t Be Wearing

Unless you’ll be staying in your college town year round without making trips back home during breaks, there’s no need to bring out-of-season clothing. It will only take up space — both in your car now and in your apartment later. Another way to reduce the amount of clothing you bring is to consider if you’re likely to wear something. Any items that have been sitting in your closet for more than a year are unlikely to make an appearance at college.

7. Have a Professional Outfit

You need at least one outfit to use for formal business occasions, such as for interviews and networking events. If you don’t have anything suitable already, take a shopping trip before you head off to college.

8. Pack an Overnight Bag

It will take you a while to unpack all your belongings. The last thing you want is to be searching among all your bags and boxes for the things you need right after you move in. Pack a small bag with all your essentials for the first couple days, including clothing, toiletries, medication, and a phone charger.

9. Bring Plenty Towels

Make sure you have plenty of towels — at least three bath towels is ideal. Having extra will mean you won’t constantly be doing laundry.

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