9 Activities to Enjoy by Yourself


Whether you’re not much of a social butterfly or you just like having some time for yourself, it’s useful to have ideas for ways you can spend time alone while you’re at university. Many student activities involve being with other people, such as attending club meetings, going to parties, and hanging out with friends or roommates. Nonetheless, there are also plenty of options for activities to enjoy by yourself.

1. Try Everything on the Menu at Your Local Coffee Shop

When you want a change of scenery while studying, a top place to go is your local coffee shop. Set an aim to try everything on the menu — if you spread this out over the few years you’re at university, it shouldn’t be impossible.

2. Journal

Improve your writing skills by journaling on a regular basis. You could note down memorable things that happen to you, track your progress toward meeting your goals, or search for writing prompts to keep things interesting. Since there’s always something you can write about, there’s no reason not to try.

3. Listen to Music

Make playlists of your favourite songs for different moods — a playlist made up of just songs you know all the words to is a must. Remember to check out other people’s playlists on the streaming app of your choice to discover some new tunes as well.

4. Explore New Restaurants

Whenever you’re not in the mood to cook, check out a new restaurant near you. In addition to those on campus, explore places in your neighborhood.

5. Take a Shopping Trip

You can even take a shopping trip if you’re short of cash — just go window shopping. Check out what’s trending in fashion and interior design for inspiration. For instance, you may be able to adapt outfits you already have, create your own decor for your student apartment, or pick up something similar (but cheaper) at a thrift store.

6. Create a New Workout Routine

Whether you need a new challenge or you’ve never enjoyed exercising but now want to get in shape, there’s no time like the present for mixing up your workout routine. If you live somewhere that has a gym or if there’s a fitness center on campus you can use, consider how to use the equipment available to you. Otherwise, search for workout videos you can do at home with just your bodyweight.

7. Wander Around Campus

If you’re looking for an activity to do on your own when you have just a short time between classes, there’s nothing better than exploring campus. You may discover places you were unaware of, such as potential study spots.

8. Read a Book

An activity that’s ideal no matter where you are is reading — all you’ll need is a comfortable place to sit, which should be easy to find both on campus and at home. Keep a book in your backpack that’s unrelated to your classes.

9. Watch a TV Series

Don’t feel like you always need to be productive. If you don’t have the energy to focus on reading a book, watch a TV series instead. Even if you only have a subscription to one streaming service, you should always be able to find something interesting.

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