8 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Hometown Friends This Summer


You’ve been away from your hometown friends for at least one semester, perhaps for almost an entire year. Now summer is finally here, you need to think of some creative ways to spend time together to have the most fun possible. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Attend an Outdoor Concert

There are always outdoor concerts happening over the summer. Check if any of your favourite bands are playing — perhaps you could even go to a festival to see several bands.

2. Spend the Time at the Beach from Sunset to Sunrise

Organize a fun-packed afternoon at the beach doing all your favourite activities, whether that’s swimming, cliff diving, volleyball, or just lying back on the sand and listening to the sounds of the waves. Stay at least until dusk and watch the sunset. If possible, camp overnight on the beach to sleep under the stars and wake up to the sunrise.

3. Go to a Waterpark

Another way to enjoy the water is to go to your local waterpark. Pick a day that’s likely to be hot and use the opportunity to cool off.

4. Take a Drive Around Your Hometown

If you’ve been away from your hometown for some time, rediscover all your old hangout spots and other top sites with a drive. You could also do some exploring to see if there are any interesting places you’ve neglected to visit in the past, perhaps in nearby towns.

5. Find a Drive-In Movie

Check if there are any drive-in movies screening near you over the summer. It’s ideal to watch a movie you’ve already seen, since you may be distracted at times if you’re with several friends. To make the evening a success, bring plenty of snacks.

6. Play Outdoors

You’re still close enough to being a kid that you get summer breaks from school. Connect with your inner child by playing games outdoors with your friends. You could set up your own games or head to a miniature golf course.

7. Watch an Entire Series

Choose a series neither you nor your friends have watched yet (and is likely to be good) and watch it from start to finish. Depending on how long the series is, this may take several days — which just gives you more excuse to keep meeting up.

8. Take a Photo a Day

Create a collage for your student apartment by taking pictures of you and your friends every day over the summer. If there are some days you’re unable to meet your friends, you can always take a picture with a family member or pet instead. In either case, you’ll have a piece of artwork full of memories at the end of the summer.

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