8 Tips for a Productive & Enjoyable Summer


Summer is a great time to recover from the hard work of the previous semester and catch up with your hometown friends. However, it’s also worth using the long months you have productively. There are plenty of small activities you can add to your summer schedule that will help you feel productive — while still meaning you have fun.

1. Set a Health Goal for the Summer

Choose at least one aspect of your physical or mental health you’d like to improve over the summer. Then, set a goal and decide what steps you’ll take to meet it. For instance, you may like to improve your diet, stick to a workout routine, journal a certain number of days each week, or incorporate mindfulness activities into your day.

2. Read Outside

Spend more time outdoors while being productive by taking your books with you on a trip to the lake, beach, or park. Set a goal for how many books you’ll read over the summer. Don’t feel like everything you read needs to relate to your major — reading fiction is a great way to expand your mind, improve your imagination, and develop empathy.

3. Search for a Mentor

Summer is the perfect time to search for someone who can provide you with advice to help you reach your goals after you graduate. Reach out to people in your faculty, alumni, or professionals in your community to ask about opportunities to receive mentoring.

Alternatively, if you have no one in mind you could ask, sign up for a mentoring program that matches students with people in the field they want to enter.

4. Consider Your Personal Branding

After you graduate, you’ll be using personal branding to show potential employers that you’re the ideal candidate. The summer is a great time for reflecting on how you want to present yourself. Consider the message you want to portray (about your skills, values, and what makes you unique) and find ways to apply it to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolio or website.

5. Prepare for Next Semester

Make sure you start next semester feeling fully prepared. Dedicate some time over the summer to organizing your files, decluttering, and reviewing any notes from classes that are prerequisites to the classes you’ll be taking in the upcoming semester.

6. Make Time for Hobbies

Hobbies allow you to be productive while participating in the activities you enjoy the most. Schedule time over the summer to work on a personal project, improve your skills, or even learn something new.

7. Search for a Volunteer Program

Volunteering will give structure to your days over the summer, help you gain valuable experience to put on your resume, and allow you to make a difference to a cause that matters to you. Find out if there are any programs in your community that you could join.

8. Find Time to Relax

Remember, you don’t need to be productive for the entire summer — it’s just as important to relax and recover. This will help you avoid academic burnout next semester. Give yourself permission to spend time doing nothing in particular. You’ll reap the benefits when you return to university in the fall with a clear mind.

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