7 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


Having a great idea for a business is not enough to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether you want to start a business while you’re still at university or wait until after you graduate, there are a few things you need to do to prepare.

1. Understand the Market

Your market research needs to look at what customers want and where existing businesses are falling short. Identify a unique selling point that will mean customers have a reason to choose you over your competitors.

2. Create Your Strategic Plan

Once you have an understanding of the market and its potential, you can create a strategic plan. This will state what you want to achieve with your business venture and how you’ll reach your goals. You should have specific objectives along with a timeline to reach them, an idea of the hurdles that may stand in your way, and a list of resources you need to acquire. Consider both the best and worst case scenarios to ensure you have a shot at success.

3. Attend Networking Events

It’s important to network with people who may be interested in investing in your company, customers who can tell you what they’re looking for, and experienced business owners who can advise you on how to avoid making the same mistakes they did. To meet these people, join networking events, attend meetups for entrepreneurs, and reach out to your target customers.

4. Find a Mentor

At networking events, see if you can connect with someone who is willing to be your mentor. Someone who has experience in your particular field is ideal. Make sure you ask plenty of questions — and always heed the advice your mentor gives you.

5. Fund Your Venture

Even low-cost business ideas require some funding to get off the ground. The good news is you have multiple options: you could start a crowdfunding campaign, take out a loan, contact angel investors and venture capital firms, or research government grants for young entrepreneurs.

6. Work on Your Credit Score

You’re more likely to receive approval funding if you have a good credit score. As a student, the best ways to do this are to pay your rent and bills on time and pay off the balance on your credit card in full each month.

7. Keep Up with the Latest Trends

A change in your industry could mean you need to rethink parts of your business idea. Stay up to date with industry news, including the latest technology and innovations. Monitor the tactics your competitors are using that have led to both success and failure.

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