6 Qualities to Look For in a Summer Internship


One of the most challenging things about finding the right internship is knowing what makes a particular program a great choice. Whatever your field of interest, there are a few qualities in particular to look for.

1. The Chance to Explore a Career

If you have a career in mind you’d like to pursue after you graduate, an internship could be a great opportunity to confirm you’d enjoy working in the field. You may discover you actually want to go in a slightly different direction, which could influence what classes you take when you return to college in the fall.

2. Work on Important Projects

The best internships go beyond giving you the chance to try out what it would be like working in a certain field by allowing you to participate in a project that has an impact in the real world. At the end of the internship, you should be able to clearly point to what you achieved. Bear in mind that it will be much more fulfilling if you choose a project that is meaningful to you.

3. Something That Will Look Impressive on Your Resume

Many students graduate with only limited work experience — your internship is likely to be your most relevant experience. Choose something that will make a great impression on employers when you’re applying for jobs.

4. The Skills You Need

Consider what kind of skills you need that you won’t learn at college. Employers will be extra impressed if you’re able to develop skills to a high level during the short period of an internship.

5. Test Your Current Skills

An internship shouldn’t just be teaching you new skills. In fact, the majority of work you do should put what you learned in the classroom into practice. This will help you see what you enjoy doing, as often it’s often quite different to apply skills than to learn them.

6. Great Contacts

In addition to giving you the chance to gain skills and experience, an internship is an opportunity to make contacts in the field. Of course, it may be difficult to know what kind of people you’ll meet before you start working. However, researching the company culture, reaching out to people who work at the company, and simply listening to your gut during the interview can tell you a great deal.

In addition, find out if the internship has a support system for students that includes access to executives at the company. It’s ideal if you can meet someone who will become your mentor.

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