6 Dollar Store Hacks for Student Apartments


It’s expensive being a student — what with tuition, books, housing, and living costs. You also need to decorate your apartment to make it feel like home and express your personal style. Whereas this could cost you a lot, it’s possible to create decor using nothing more than items from the dollar store. In fact, you have numerous options, meaning you can achieve the look you want. Here are some low-cost items to try for yourself.

1. Bohemian Mirror

You may have seen Bohemian mirrors for sale and wanted one for yourself but found them too expensive. The good news is you can easily make one using dollar store materials. Attach raffia or even strips of cardboard from an old box to a wreath ring the same size as your mirror using a lark’s head knot. Once the entire wreath is covered, glue it to the rim of your mirror, being careful to keep the front of the mirror clear of glue drips. Hang the mirror on your wall to instantly give your bedroom a Bohemian look.

2. Picture Frame Message Board

You can create an attractive message out of nothing more than a basic picture frame and some paint. Simply paint the backing for the frame with streaks and swirls in a couple colours, then place the glass on the front. Use whiteboard markers to write notes. You can use your message board to communicate with your roommates, write a to-do list, or come up with a daily affirmation to inspire you.

3. Inflatable Chair

For more seating on a tight budget, look for an inflatable chair or couch. A clear or transparent one will look great in photo shoots.

4. Pencil Holder Propagation Station

Your apartment may not feel complete without some plants, but full-size houseplants can be expensive. Save money by sharing cuttings with friends — it’s also more satisfying to know you grew the plant yourself from since it was tiny. Create a propagation station using a pencil holder, putting plant cuttings into the tubes. You can then attach the pencil holder to the wall or keep it on your desk where you’ll remember to refresh the water regularly.

5. Adhesive Tile

Jazz up your bathroom or kitchen with some adhesive tile. This is ideal for above the sink or towel rack on top of the tile that’s already there. It won’t cause any damage (you can just peel it off when you move out) and it’s a great way of expressing your personal style in more of the rooms in your apartment.

6. Wooden Box Shelves

To add more shelving, purchase some wooden boxes and glue them together. They may look fine as plain wood or you may like to paint them a colour to complement the rest of your room. They’re ideal for adding some extra storage in your bedroom or living room.

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