5 Unique Spots to Study or Work on Assignments


Whereas the desk in your bedroom is the most logical place to study and work on assignments, sometimes you may need a change of scenery. Studying in different places can help you find inspiration, give you the chance to be around other people (which can make studying a less solitary activity), and keep you motivated. Try the following unique spots and decide which you like best.

1. Your Local Coffee Shop

Treat yourself to your favourite beverage while you study by heading to your local coffee shop. You’ll typically have free WiFi and will be able to stay there as long as you want. You may find that other students and people who work from home are also using the coffee shop, meaning you’ll have the chance to make friends with the regulars if you go often enough.

2. Restaurants

If you have no time to fit preparing a meal, eating, and doing homework into your schedule, head to a restaurant. Pick somewhere that serves delicious food to reward yourself for your hard work. If you eat slowly and the restaurant is not too busy, you should find you’re able to get plenty done.

3. A Public Library

Your campus library is a popular place to study, but there’s also likely to be a public library in your college town that you can use. This is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere quiet where no one will disturb you. If you need to settle down and finish an assignment, this could be a better option than working at home, where all sorts of things could distract you. Plus, you’ll be around books and can ask the librarians for help if you need extra resources to complete your assignment.

4. A Bookstore

Another way to surround yourself with books while you study is to go to a bookstore. Many large bookstores have dedicated areas where you can sit with a laptop to study. They typically have free WiFi and you may be able to grab a cup of coffee while you’re there.

5. The Park

When the weather is pleasant, you can study in the park. This is also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D and some fresh air. You could even bring a flask of coffee or snacks to have a picnic when you need a break from studying. Just bear in mind that you may need to stick to tasks that don’t require WiFi.

6. Coworking Spaces

If you’re working on a group project, need to meet with someone in a professional capacity (such as a potential mentor), or want to network with people in your area outside of just students, consider going to a coworking space. If you won’t be going often, look for somewhere that allows you to pay by the hour without requiring you to sign up for a membership.

When you live at Parkway Lofts, it’s easy to mix up where you study. Whenever you want a change from the desk in your fully-furnished bedroom, bring your assignments to one of the study rooms, the common area lounge, or the multipurpose room. There are also restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Pay us a visit to see our Niagara College student housing for yourself.

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