5 Healthy Habits for Students


When you start college you gain all the benefits that come with independence — but you’ll also need to learn to be responsible. In particular, it’s up to you to develop healthy habits to avoid illness, stay fit, and maintain mental wellness.

1. Sleep Enough

One of the most difficult healthy habits to adopt at college is sleeping enough every night. Whether you’ve been invited to a party, you end up staying up late studying, or you just lack the discipline to put away your phone and go to bed, you can quickly find you become sleep deprived. This will make it difficult to focus in classes, produce high-quality papers, and manage your mood.

Setting a bedtime is key to sleeping enough. However, if you’re struggling to fall asleep, there are additional things you can do. This includes putting all screens away at least an hour before you want to sleep, cutting caffeine after the early afternoon, and finding relaxing activities to do before bed, such as yoga, stretches, or drawing.

Finally, you may need to have a strategy for parties and other events that run late. For instance, there will likely be times when you need to come home before the party ends, especially if you have an early class the next day. This may be disappointing at the time, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re not feeling exhausted.

2. Keep Your Apartment Clean

Few people enjoy cleaning, but it’s essential to your health. Make time every day to do a little cleaning and have a schedule for larger chores. For example, you need to periodically change your bedding, wipe down surfaces, and clean the bathroom. Make sure you also frequently open the windows to let in some fresh air, even during the winter.

3. Eat Balanced Meals

Although eating well is obviously key to staying healthy, it’s easy to slip into bad habits at college when convenience food surrounds you on campus. Unfortunately, a poor diet can impact your academic performance, lead to lower energy levels, and ultimately make you feel worse than if you had eaten something healthy.

The best way to eat balanced meals is to cook for yourself. Try to include many vegetables, experiment with different recipes to keep things interesting, and avoid ultra-processed foods. In addition, stock up on healthy snacks to avoid temptations between meals.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

You may feel tired or rundown simply because you’re dehydrated. Drinking water is the best solution — it has no calories and it’s free. Carry a bottle around with you at all times to avoid the need to purchase beverages.

5. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Staying physically fit is crucial for your health. Make exercise a part of your regular routine by finding activities you enjoy, such as working out at the gym, joining an intramural sports team, or taking fitness classes. You’ll notice that exercise has immediate effects on your health, such as by improving your sleep, concentration, and mind–body connection. You may also find it motivates you to eat better and drink more water.

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