10 Careers with the Best Job Prospects in Canada


Even earning a university degree is no guarantee of a great job. However, you’ll increase your chances of steady employment if you enter a career that has excellent job prospects in Canada. Jobs in a variety of industries are in high demand now and are likely to continue to have good prospects in the future.

1. Human Resources Manager

You may think of human resources managers as being responsible for the hiring decisions at a company, but they actually do much more than this. In fact, they’re necessary in every industry for their role in coordinating the administration of organizations. To qualify for the top positions, you should continue your education to a master’s degree.

2. Web Developer

A career in web development can be whatever you make it. Whereas some web developers are self-employed, others work at businesses of all sizes, particularly in the computer systems industry. You may end up developing applications, creating or maintaining websites, or doing another type of programming.

3. Pharmacist

There are great prospects in almost all healthcare jobs, but a career as a pharmacist has to be near the top of the list. You’ll provide patients with medical advice, either while working at a hospital or in a drugstore — you could even establish your own pharmacy. To become a pharmacist, you’ll need to pass an exam after you obtain your degree and meet the specific requirements of your province.

4. Aerospace Engineer

It’s aerospace engineers who are behind the design and function of all aerospace vehicles and systems, including aircrafts, spacecrafts, and satellites. Not only is the aerospace industry growing in Canada, but many current workers are nearing retirement age, which opens up new positions.

5. Electrical Engineer

Another engineering career path that has great job prospects is as an electrical engineer. You could be responsible for designing, manufacturing, or testing electrical systems. Most of the work takes place in an office environment, but some jobs require you to visit equipment in the field.

6. Financial Advisor

If you have a head for numbers and you’re interested in investing, you could find a fruitful career as a financial advisor. Jobs are available at banks, where you will advise clients about the products your institution offers, or you can work on a freelance basis, helping individuals to manage their money.

7. Business Development Manager

For a role in business where you’re actively responsible for helping the company grow, consider a career as a business development manager. You’ll be working closely with the sales team, finding opportunities for sales executives and building relationships with potential clients. The best positions will become available when you have experience or if you earn a master’s degree.

8. Veterinarian

With more people becoming pet owners or expanding their families to include more animals, the demand for veterinarians is increasing. You’ll need to major in pre-veterinary study at university and then attend an accredited veterinary college. However, the few additional years of education this career requires should be worthwhile if you love animals and want to work with them every day.

9. Accountant

Accountants are critical for businesses and individuals who need support with their finances. Most accountants specialize in a particular area, such as auditing, payroll, or taxes. After you achieve your degree, you’ll find it invaluable to complete the certification to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

10. Registered Nurse

Nurses are the glue that hold the healthcare system together, but there’s currently a shortage in Canada that needs to be filled. As a registered nurse, you’ll be responsible for coordinating patient care and educating the public about health.

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